Cosmetics Grade Collagen Powder for Skin Care Use

Cosmetics Grade Collagen Powder for Skin Care Use
Product Details

Cosmestics Grade Fish Collagen Powder For Skin Care

Product name:Collagen powder

Other name: Protein concentrate  or hydrolyzed gelatin

Raw material: Could be beef,pig,fish or Chicken

Color or powder: white powder or light yellow

Its protein content is above 95%, having 18 kinds amino acids, 7 kinds of which are essential for people.

our products could be completely dissolved in water in cold water . No smell,Low sodium content, low ash and low heavy metal content, small molecular weight, easy absorption and utilization.

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Test   itemSpecification
AppearanceWhite or Light Yellow Powder, No Smell, No Visible Exogenous   Impurity
Protein ≥ 90
Moisture (%)≤8.00
Stacking Density (g/ml)
PH (5% solution)5.00-7.50
Ash (mg/kg)≤2.00
Pb (mg/kg)≤0.50
As (mg/kg)≤0.50
Hg (mg/kg)≤0.50 
Cd (mg/kg)≤0.10
Cr (mg/kg)≤2.00
Total Bacteria ( CFU/g)≤1000 
Escherichia coli ( MPN/g)≤0.4

Professional Manufacture



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20KG or 25kg per bag.

Outer bag is kraft paper bag or Woven poly bag. Inner bag is water-proof plastic bag.

2) Loading quantity in container

Without pallet:

12Mts for 20ft Container, 24Mts for 40 container.



1.Beauty & personal care:

Collagen give the skin its strength, waterproofing, and elasticity.

Loss of collagen is a cause of wrinkles.

2. Food & beverage:

It can be added into function food,food supplement,beverage,etc.

3.Health & medicine

It is used in cosmetic surgery and burns surgery. It is widely used in the form of

collagen casings for sausages, which are also used in the manufacture of musical



1. Joint lubricant

2. Strong bones-effectively prevent osteoporosis

3. Promote the body's metabolism

4. The umbrella of blood vessels

5. Improve constipation

6. Enhance human immunity