Tilapia Fish Scale Collagen

Tilapia Fish Scale Collagen
Product Details
Product Details

Containing 18 kinds of amino acids, high nutritional value, strong function, collagen is a good natural physiological activity substance. The hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine is unique in the collagen amino acids.


Item No:  Fish Collagen

Color: white or light yellow

Origin: fish scale or skin

Protein Content:  above 90%

Storage: keep in cool ventilated dry place

Application: Nutrition Products, Drinking, Suppliment, Cosmetics etc.

Test itemSpecification
AppearanceWhite or Light Yellow Powder, No Smell, No   Visible Exogenous Impurity
Protein ≥ 90
Moisture (%)≤8.00
Stacking   Density (g/ml)
PH (5%   solution)5.00-7.50
Ash (mg/kg)≤2.00
Pb (mg/kg)≤0.50
As (mg/kg)≤0.50
Hg (mg/kg)≤0.50 
Cd (mg/kg)≤0.10
Cr (mg/kg)≤2.00
Total   Bacteria ( CFU/g)≤1000 
Escherichia   coli ( MPN/g)≤0.4



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