Edible Beef Gelatin Powder 180/200/240 Bloom

Edible Beef Gelatin Powder 180/200/240 Bloom
Product Details
Product Details

Gelatin Contains 18 kinds of amino acids that human need, food gelatin is undoubtedly nourishment with high proteins.  Bloom No. from  80~300 mesh are all fine for making candy. Higher bloom No., less dosage is needed when production

Item No: Gelatin Powder/Granule

Color: light yellow or off-white

Size: 8~60mesh (could be customized)

Origin: beef bone/skin

Bloom No:80~300 bloom

Smell: natural, odorless, unflavored

Storage: keep in cool ventilated dry place

Application: candy, jelly, ice cream etc.

Particle Size

Usually, the direct output granule size of gelatin is 8 mesh, and it could be grinded into 20~60 mesh


Multi - application

Food Grade gelatin - Multi-application-700.jpg

Why Choosing Yiwelong Gelatin

LowHeavy Metal: ≤30mg/kg;

HighTransparence: ≥100m/m;

Particle Size: could be bespoke from 8~60mesh;

Viscosity: could be customized between2.0~6.0mpa.s;

Low chromium: ≤2mg/kg;

Jelly Strength: always higher than demand;

High Pureness: Odorless, Noimpurity;

Low Bacterial:≤100cfu/g.



Reference Technical Details

technical details for FG Gelatin-700.png

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