Gelatin 250 Bloom

Gelatin 250 Bloom
Product Details

Product Details
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Item No:  Gelatin Powder/Granule

Color: light yellow or off-white

Size: 8~60mesh (could be customized)

Origin: beef bone/skin

Bloom No: 80~300 bloom

Smell:  natural, odorless, unflavored

Storage: keep in cool ventilated dry place

Application: candy, jelly, ice cream etc.

Test itemStandard
AppearanceLight Yellow   Particle, No Impurities, odourless
Size mesh20-40 
Loss on drying (%)≤14.0
Gel strength  [ bloom]250±10 
Viscosity(  mpa.s)40-70
Transmission %wave length   /nm450≥30
 Ashes Content(%)≤2.0
 SO2 (mg/kg)≤30
(%) Water Insoluble≤0.2
Arsenic   content(mg/kg)≤1.0
Cr content(mg/kg)≤2.0
Heavy metal (mg/kg)≤50
E. Coli Absent   in 25g
Total bacterial   count( CFU/g)≤1000
SalmonellaAbsent   in 25g


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