China Manufacturer Of Gelatin For Pharmaceutical Application

China Manufacturer Of Gelatin For Pharmaceutical Application
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Medicinal gelatin means gelatin used for the production of pharmaceutical products. Its uses: some are directly, such as cod liver oil production; some are indirectly, such as hard capsules, it is used as a packaging for drugs. Medicinal gelatin, like edible gelatin, photographic gelatin, industrial gelatin, is based on the use of gelatin and quality indicators require a different class of gelatin products. Appearance is light yellow or yellow particles, dry, clean, uniform, no inclusions, the solution without discomfort.



Type AType B
Bone   pharmaceutical gelatinSkin   pharmaceutical gelatinBone   pharmaceutical gelatinSkin   pharmaceutical gelatin
Moisture /%14
Gel strength6.67% solution/Bloom g)  200100200100200100200100
Viscosity6.67% solution/mpa.s)
Viscosity   breakdown  /%  10
Transmission /%Wave length/nm450 ≥7050654570507050
620 ≥8570806585708570
Ash  /%       12121212
SO2mg/kg)  50
Peroxidatemg/kg)  10
pH(1% solution  4.0-6.55.3-6.5
Insoluable /%  0.2
Cd   /(mg/kg)  0.5
Cr   /(mg/kg)  -2-2
As   /(mg/kg)  0.8
Heavy metalspb/mg/kg)  50
Microbiological   indicator
Total   bacterials/cfu/g)  1000
E. coliNot Detected
Staphylococcus   aureus



Hard Capsule, Soft Capsule, Plasma substitute, coating and so on.



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