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Specific Role Of Collagen Peptide As Functional Health Food - II

1.       As a calcium supplement. Bovine collagen peptides is derived from bovine bones and contains high quality organic minerals (calcium, phosphorus, etc.), which can effectively lock the body’s own calcium-containing substances from other foods and promote calcium absorption.

2.       Effective on the treatment of rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis. Collagen peptides can activate bones and muscles and provide continuous collagen and proteoglycan for the metabolism and rejuvenation of the cartilage tissue and joint, in order to maintain the health of the cartilage tissue and joint and improve arthritis and soreness.

3.       Inhibit cancer cells. There are two ways to inhibit cancer cells by collagen peptides. One is to improve the body’s own immune system to suppress cancer cells. The second is to prevent cancer cell metastasis. The combination of the immune cells with collagen peptides and the collagen in organ which is very rich and synthesized will form a solid protect wall to block and prevent the transfer of cancer cells, so that the immune cells can swallow cancer cells, making cancer gradually better and improved.

4.       To improve the nervous system and promote the sleep quality. The various amino acids which the collagen peptide contains are not only involved in the synthesis of collagen, but also inhibitory substances of central nervous in the brain cells, which have a significant improvement in insomnia, dreams and other common symptoms and help to enter the deep sleep quickly.

5.       Anti-aging, and to remove the excess free radicals in the body. To make the function of the heart, liver, kidney and other organs organization back to the youth level.