Apple Pectin For Jam Producing

Apple Pectin For Jam Producing
Product Details

Product Details

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Item Name: Apple Pectin

Color: light yellow or creamy white powder

Partial Size: 60 mesh

Origin:  peel & flesh from apple.

Smell:  natural, odorless, unflavored

Function: thickener, stabilizer, emulgator etc.

Storage: keep in cool ventilated dry place

Technical Data

Test itemIndex
AppearanceWhite or light brown powder
Degree of esterification    %70-78
Loss on   Drying  %<12.0
Acid   Insoluable Ash %<1.0
Galacturonic   Acid>65.0
PH(1% water   solution)3.0-4.0
Lead ( mg/kg)<5
SO2 (mg/kg)< 50


Compared to cirtus pectin, apple pectin is more suitable for jam making because of its better appearance and feature of easy coloring. Aother industries like sweets, jelly could also be applied.

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