Apple Pectin

Apple Pectin
Product Details

Product Details

Item Name: Apple Pectin 

Color: light yellow or creamy white powder

Partial Size: 60 mesh 

Origin: peel & flesh from apple. 

Smell: natural, odorless, unflavored

Function: thickener, stabilizer, emulgator etc.

Storage: keep in cool ventilated dry place 

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Dosage Reference

●Jam and jelly: 0.3%-0.6%

●Popsicle and ice cream: 0.1%-0.2%

●Yogurt, lactic acid bacteria and fruit juice: 0.1%-0.3%

●Melt baked food: 0.3%-0.8%

●Soft Candy: 1%~2.5%


Product Features


Technical Data Sheet 

Test item Index 

Milk White or light yellow


Particle Size       ≥95% pass through 60 mesh 
Gel Degree (USA-SAG,°) 150±5° 
Degree of esterification (%) 65-70 
Loss on Drying (%) ≤12 
Acid Insoluable Ash (%) ≤0.5 
Galacturonic Acid (%) ≥ 65.0 
PH (1% water solution) 2.8±0.2 
Heavy Metals (Pb)    (ppm) ≤0.5 
SO2  (ppm)≤5 
Ash (%)           ≤3 



Package & Loading 



As a leading supplier in the gelatin and collagen, pectin and leaf gelatin, YIWEILONG BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is to create added value for customers around the world. Due to stable quality, the oldest oversea customers have kept regular orders for more than 9 years. Our cargo never is asked to ship back even though 10 years has passed.



1. Are you manufacturer or trading company?

We are manufacturer established in 2006.

2. How can I get a sample?

If sample less than 500 grams, free sample could be sent soon if Buyer could pay courier charge or inform Fedex account.

3. What is your MOQ?

500 kg. 

4. What is your payment term?

T/T or L/C at sight.

5. What is your delivery time? 

Usually 7-15 days after payment received.

6. What is your package?

For bulk packing, 25kg or 20kg per bag, outer package kraft paper bag or Woven poly bag, inner is plastic water-proof bag.

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